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Sliding Glass Door Security - Are They Available?

"Adeline" (2018-02-17)

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"Houses having sliding glass doors are more prone to intruder attacks."Yes, the statement is true enough, when you have a sliding glass door installed at your home. Normal traditional doors can be well secured by using chains, latches or deadbolts and many other door security devices available in the market, but the same is not the matter with sliding glass doors. Security of the sliding glass door is one of the major concerns, as these doors cannot be secured using chains, latches and other security devices used for traditional doors. This allows the intruders and burglars to easily break open the sliding glass doors.

energy star sliding glass doors council bluffsThere are many devices available which ensure door security. One such device to be named in this context is the security bars for glass doors. A door security bar is a rod shaped structure with a V shaped hinge at one end, which is attached to the door knob and the other end of the bar is covered with a rubber strip which is kept hanging to be in contact with the floor. In case of the bar, one end of the bar is screwed to the sliding door frame and the other end is left hanging down. In order to secure the sliding door, the security bar needs to be lifted up until its fits properly and prevents opening of the door. Another way to ensure sliding door security is by placing the wooden dowel on the bottom track between the sliding glass door and the frame. Track grips, though small in size, also helps to keep your door secured. They are positioned on the track with the help of thumbscrew, latch or key.

One of the major concerns that need to be addressed is the door being lifted off the tracks by burglars. Though, there are many products which help in securing the glass sliding doors, none of the above mentioned security devices prevent the doors from being lifted off the tracks. This security concern of the doors can be overcome by the use of anti-lift products which are available in the hardware shops. One such anti-lift device to be discussed is the security pin. The security pin extends from the door frames. If you have any questions pertaining to where by and how to use signet doors Council Bluffs, you can get hold of us at our web page. Installing large screw heads into the top of the door frame can also prevent the lifting up of the sliding glass. In extreme cases, the ordinary glass can be replace by laminated, tempered or wire reinforced glass.

It can be easily achieved with little effort and minimal cost. All you need to do is research on which security devices will work best for you taking your budget into consideration. With so many security devices for sliding glass door security, you need have double thoughts to get a sliding glass door installed and if you already have installed one then you need not fear of keeping them open during warm sunning days.

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