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Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

"Wade" (2018-02-17)

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Sliding glass door window treatments can be determined by clearing up two points: how much traffic do you expect to go through here and two; how much light from outside do you want coming into the house. What you do with your sliding doors once theyre up and working is up to you. Why not transform your home into an Eden of atmospherically beauty using sliding glass door window treatments that suit and compliment your entire home.

When it comes to design its usually the women who have the last say and to be honest they do make the best landscape and interior home designers period. Creating a home is kind of what women do and they love doing it so weve compiled a few great ideas that can be implemented with your sliding glass door treatments based on your personal individual taste.

Just before we jump into that its very important also to mention that if youre planning to live here for the next 10-15 years then its probably best to keep the actual condition of the door under regular maintenance. This prevents the door from accumulating too much dirt making it hard to open and close and also ensures that the door can securely lock like its supposed to.

If you are you looking for more information in regards to aeris windows visit our internet site. Here are some very creative window treatments for sliding glass doors that could come in quite handy:

Horizontal Double Blinds Ideal way for raising the access door shade whilst the secondary shade is lowered.

Vertical Blinds Very popular and perfectly suited for lounges and patio sliding doors. Available in many different colors and textures makes this one a winner.

Bamboo Shades IF youre looking for something with an island flavor then this option for sliding glass door treatments is best. These provide a very natural tone to any room and should be used tastefully but carefully.

Shoji Screens Weve all seen those martial arts films with samurais and ninjas fighting in between their Shoji screens. These are responsible for creative an extremely dramatic effect by giving you privacy together with a hint of soft light that can be seen through it.

Vertical Cellular Shades These appeal more to people with a taste for traditional horizontal cellular shades but they really do look impressive when pulled to the side as they are designed.

Drapes and Curtains Timeless and classic always. Perfect for blocking maximum sunlight and stunning if used in small amounts. Nothing could kill the overall feel of a room than an over abundance of drapes and curtains.

Standard Horizontal Blinds These sliding glass door window treatments are very popular in studies and offices due to their ability to be rolled up completely revealing an open and undisturbed view of outside. Great if you have sea or open field views.

Never underestimate the impression a well thought out design will have on your home. Besides the above points there are more options available to you should you only perform a quick online search. Well planned sliding glass door window treatments have the ability to make a shoddy apartment look like a kings palace.

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