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How to Stop Snoring Permanently

by Mr Jason L Spence (2016-11-21)

Are you suffering from snoring on a daily basis? If so, have you ever thought about curing this frustrating and annoying problem for good? Or you have tried but to no avail? No idea on how to stop snoring?

Why we snore?

There are a lot of reasons to why we snore at night. Sometimes certain elements and factors are out of our control. These elements such as physical condition, mouth anatomy or medication are variables that we cannot change. There are also those that are within our control like food consumptions, sleeping habits.

Naturally, being overweight will contribute to snoring, especially those who have excess around their neck area, it will literally choke you when you sleep! Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes which acts like a suppressant will relax your mouth muscles too much, sometimes a relaxed and weak tongue will accidentally drop into your throat, thus causing you to struggle with your breathing. Having insufficient air intake from blocked nasal passageway when you sleep is also commonly linked to snoring. Not to mentioned if the soft palate in your mouth touches your tongue when you sleep and vibrates, it will cause you to sound like a mowing blade!

How to stop snoring for good?

When it comes to a cure, there is no single solution that will guarantee to work for everyone. There are products available out there currently that helps alter your breathing pathway and improves your breathing throughout the night. Products such as snoring pillow, which elevate your head when you sleep to promote more airflow intake during the night works for those with mild snoring only. Machines like the CPAP will provide you with sufficient air at night, so that you don't snore. Snoring mouth guards will prevent your tongue from dropping into your throat. All these will work fine, depending on the severity of your snoring. But bear in mind, this is not natural, once you stop using it; your snoring will come back.

Permanent cure for snoring comes from a thorough life style change. For those who consume substances such as alcohol and cigarettes before sleep, cutting off these items will help your tongue stay in its natural position while you sleep. Exercise to keep you in shape while reducing excess in your neck will also work for those who find themselves struggling for air during sleep. There are also specific stop snoring exercises that you can find on the internet that will teach you how to stop snoring for good. These exercises are targeted specifically at how to keep your breathing pathway open at night, and also how to work out your mouth muscles so that they're kept in their proper place when you sleep at night.