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I have been swimming for years and have written lots of testimonies approximately training learned on the pool. And the hits just preserve on coming. New goggles! Who'd have thought they'd encourage a story?

My old goggles, although worn and foggy, still suit, so i'd dispose of shopping for new ones. I bet i might gotten used to the fog and did not word it anymore. But when I put the new ones on, things had been unexpectedly so clear--crisp lane traces, sparkling blue water, solar shining through the new roof. I ought to see beneath water all of the manner to the back wall. I felt like i used to be swimming in a contemporary pool, and of route, i used to be.

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A whole new world

And that i got to thinking about how we see our person worlds and how clean (or no longer) our goggles are. As opposed to scratches, chlorine, and trendy put on and tear, our world-view goggles can become clouded by means of judgment, expectation, fear and a hundred other contaminants. I can be encouraged with the aid of what i see (or don't see) thru a clouded and distorted version of what's genuinely there. I do not word the fog as it builds up through the years and will become truth.

If, as an instance, i perceive the world as aggressive, dangerous, and self-serving, i behave for this reason. And, in addition, i handiest see actions that make it through that specific clear out. Advantageous, generous and existence-putting forward acts are filtered out. However, if through accident or conscious purpose i develop a brand new attitude--the arena's now not against me, i simply had an off day--i am searching at an entire new world and find evidence to support my perception.

For decades, i wore existence goggles that confirmed a strong perception: "if it's miles to be, it is as much as me." they served well. I were given loads done and by no means involved or relied on others. A aggregate of accidents, contamination, and aware intention got me to attempt on new goggles, and i found a global wherein others should experience useful, capable, and favored; in which strength flowed from mutual help, and lifestyles turned into extra fun.

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