Moving towards new horizons: the evolution of Universitas Medica

Ignacio Zarante , Diana Marcela Achury Saldaña , Favio Andrés Flórez

Moving towards new horizons: the evolution of Universitas Medica

Universitas Médica, vol. 65, 2024

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Ignacio Zarante

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Diana Marcela Achury Saldaña

Pontificia Universidad Javerian, Colombia

Favio Andrés Flórez

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

In the dynamic landscape of science, particularly in the healthcare sciences, advances are happening at a vertiginous speed, and it is imperative that platforms dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge transform themselves to keep pace. Under this spirit of progress and constant search for excellence, we are pleased to announce a transcendental change in Universitas Medica, a journal that has been a beacon of research in the field of healthcare since its conception.

This new era not only inaugurates an editorial approach that refines our criteria for quality and scientific accuracy but also celebrates a strategic alliance with the accredited journal of the Faculty of Nursing of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana: Investigaciónen Enfermería: Imagen y Desarrollo (Nursing Research: Image and Development). This step forward transcends the mere merger of names and represents a union of visions and joint efforts that broaden our thematic and disciplinary spectrum, an approach to the vast areas of medicine, and the advancement of nursing as a science of care.

The achievement of this significant transformation has been the result of more than eight months of intensive work on the part of the Editorial Javeriana, the articulating nucleus of our journals at the University. This period has been marked by a series of strategic meetings with the deans of the faculties of Nursing and Medicine, carefully outlining the phases of the merger to ensure a smooth and coherent transition, because, although this procedure has the endorsement of Minciencias, there is no manual of good merger practices and local or regional references are scarce. Collaboration has been the cornerstone of this process, allowing complementary visions to intertwine to shape an integrative and ambitious project. Subsequently, the dialogue between the editors and Editorial Javeriana has been crucial to devise innovative strategies that consolidate the merger of Universitas Medica with Investigación en Enfermería, and that lay the foundations for the launching of a second journal: Salud Javeriana.

This new publication is a space dedicated to authors from both faculties and the Hospital Universitario San Ignacio (HUSI), reflecting the commitment of the Universidad Javeriana to the promotion of research and interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of health.

With a firm conviction in the importance of diversity and innovation, Universitas Médica is committed to being an open space for researchers from all latitudes, consciously limiting the proportion of articles coming from authors affiliated with the Universidad Javeriana, or HUSI. This approach seeks to foster a more inclusive and diverse scientific community, orient efforts towards academic exogamy and internationalization, and enrich our pages with a broad mix of perspectives and experiences.

The quality of the articles published in the future will be raised to a new standard of excellence. We will strive to ensure that the papers stand out for their methodological rigor and the clarity of their conclusions, but their main feature will be that they provide innovative knowledge of palpable relevance to the field of healthcare. Peer review will continue to be a standard for the suitability and transparency of the processes through a model that will prioritize rigorous compliance with criteria framed by originality, practical relevance, and significant contribution to the existing body of knowledge.

This new chapter is an open invitation to researchers, academics, and health professionals to share their findings, experiences, and reflections with Universitas Medica. We seek articles that not only inspire and challenge the status quo but also open unexplored avenues in the understanding and treatment of disease and lead to the establishment of an interpersonal nursing practice that promotes the health and growth of individuals. In this way, it will contribute to the development of an integrated and collaborative medical and nursing community.

In our march towards innovation and excellence, Universitas Medica faces significant challenges inherent to its role in the competitive international scientific scenario. These challenges reflect the global demands for research and scientific publication, as well as the need to adequately represent the quality and diversity of knowledge generated in Colombia and in our region.

Visibility and international recognition

Increasing visibility and international recognition emerge as one of the main challenges. Universitas Medica aims to overcome this obstacle through the implementation of indexing strategies in databases and scientific directories of worldwide prestige, thus facilitating the access and citation of our articles by the international scientific community of medicine and nursing.

Promotion of interdisciplinary research

We are committed to being a preferred forum for research that transcends disciplinary barriers, integrating knowledge from diverse areas such as medicine, nursing, genetics, and public health. This approach enriches our scientific dialogue and allows the experience, knowledge, and scope of our merged journals to complement each other, enabling a more comprehensive, critical, and proactive view of the care of people and the healthcare challenges we face today.

Commitment to scientific ethics

Integrity and ethics in research are the backbones of our editorial policy. In an era where the rush to publish could compromise the quality and veracity of studies, Universitas Medica stands as a bulwark of ethical practices, promoting meticulous scrutiny and continuing education in ethical principles.

At Universitas Medica, we are ready for this new journey. We appreciate the valuable support we have received from our academic and scientific community and cordially invite you to follow the progress of our merged publication on the portal.