Industrial and systems engineering

Electrical and computer engineering

A A 0.58 mm2 CMOS reconfigurable sigma delta ADC for mobile WiMAX receiver

Jihene Mallek, PhD, Houda Daoud, PhD, Rahma Aloulou, PhD, Hassene Mnif, PhD, Mourad Loulou, PhD

Privacy perception in location-based services for mobile devices in the university community of the north coast of Colombia

Margarita Gamarra-Acosta, MSc, Ines Meriño-Fuentes, MSc, Juan Calabria-Sarmiento, MSc, Omar Gutierrez-Acosta, MSc, Mauricio Barrios-Barrios, MSc, Nallig Eduardo Leal-Narvaez, MSc, Pedro Mario Wightman-Rojas, PhD