Publicado mar 14, 2022


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Daniel Nnate



Introduction: Long-term care facilities comprise a large proportion of healthcare service users due to the increasing ageing population. Healthcare-associated infections constitute a major burden in long-term care facilities and are associated with significant infectious disease outbreaks and mortality. The non-adherence to effective hand hygiene practice due to missed opportunities for staff to explore its role in infection prevention and control within these settings has been emphasised by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methods: This article is designed to assist the continuing professional development needs of nursing and associate professionals in long-term care facilities. It explores the factors contributing to the poor attitude of staff members towards non-compliance with infection prevention and control measures in long-term care facilities.

Results: Recommendations for improving infection prevention and control measures were further made based on the Infection Prevention Society competency framework which serves as a tool for individuals to improve their performance continually and become efficient practitioners.

Conclusion: After reading this article, healthcare practitioners should be able to (i) identify various means of promoting adequate hand hygiene in long-term care facilities; (ii) understand that every activity taken to prevent the spread of healthcare-associated infections begins and ends with effective hand hygiene; (iii) recognise steps to prevent cross-infection through improved compliance with the five moments of hand hygiene in long-term care facilities; (iv) develop a satisfactory attitude towards hand hygiene compliance in the workplace, and (v) appraise own competence, and promote staff compliance through feedback

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Nnate, D. A. (2022). A competency-based approach to promoting effective hand hygiene in long-term care facilities. Investigación En Enfermería: Imagen Y Desarrollo, 24.
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