From “Gomorrah domain” to “Don Peppe Diana lands”. A Southern Italian experience of work-based liberation, community networking, and well-being.

Alfredo Natale, Caterina Arcidiacono, Salvatore Di Martino


The article describes working experiences in relation to empowering activities, which have been carried out in a local community in the province of Caserta (in Southern Italy), a place characterized by the widespread presence of organized criminal groups. In this study, workplace is intended as a community network aimed at the promotion of coscientization, liberation, and well-being. Specifically, this paper features initiatives and projects aimed at establishing new community values through a re-construction of a work-based social system standing against criminal clans, which tend to dominate not only economical transactions but also civil life.

Palabras clave

Network, social economy, conscientization, collective well-being.

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