On the Activation of Quantum Nonlocality

Andrés Felipe Ducuara, Javier Madroñero, John Henry Reina


We report on some quantum properties of physical systems, namely, entanglement, nonlocality, k-copy nonlocality (superactivation of nonlocality), hidden nonlocality (activation of nonlocality through local filtering) and the activation of nonlocality through tensoring and local filtering. The aim of this work is two-fold. First, we provide a review of the numerical procedures that must be followed in order to calculate the aforementioned properties, in particular, for any two-qubit system, and reproduce the bounds for two-qudit Werner states. Second, we use such numerical tools to calculate new bounds of these properties for two-qudit Isotropic states and two-qubit Hirsch states.


Qubits; quantum information; quantum nonlocality; entanglement

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.SC21-2.otao

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