ISSN: 2027-1352 (Online) | ISSN: 0122-7483 (Print)

Universitas Scientiarum is an Open Access, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed Journal. We published original interdisciplinary contributions from all fields of exact and natural sciences. Special emphasis is given to articles, reviews, and method articles which promote understanding to solve environmental and health problems within the Latin-American context. Aspects of particular interest include: mathematics; biological sciences; physics; chemistry; ecology; agriculture; environmental science; biochemistry & molecular biology; microbiology; immunology; genetics & heredity; health science; nutrition & dietetics; computer science & interdisciplinary applications.


Irrespective of the area, preferences will be given to original contributing to the advancement of growing research areas and the solution of present day human problems in the Tropics. These emphases are not covered by any other multidisciplinary journal in Latin-America.

Universitas Scientiarum (Univ. Sci.) (ISSN 0122-7483 printed version; ISSN 2027-1352 online version) was founded in 1987 by the Faculty of Science of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia.  The journal accepts manuscripts in English, Spanish and Portuguese, although English is encouraged.


Matemáticas y Estadística / Mathematics and Statistics / Matemática e Estatística

Biología marina, Oceanografía, Ecología / Marine biology, Oceanography, Ecology / Biologia marinha, Oceanografia, Ecolog

Ecología & Conservación / Ecology & Conservation / Ecologia & Conservação

Soil macrofauna in areas with different ages after Pinus patula clearcutting

Esteban Tulande-M, Jose Ignacio Barrera-Cataño, Carlos Eduardo Alonso-Malaver, Sofia Basto


Microbiología Aplicada / Applied Microbiology / Microbiologia aplicada

Cellulases production on paper and sawdust using native Trichoderma asperellum

Y Maritza Zapata, Angelica Galviz-Quezada, Víctor Manuel Osorio Echeverri


A novel textile wastewater treatment using ligninolytic co-culture and photocatalysis with TiO2

Andrea Blanco-Vargas, Christian Fernando Ramírez-Sierra, Marcela Duarte Castañeda, Milena Beltrán-Villarraga, Luz Karime Medina-Córdoba, Alex Enrique Florido-Cuellar, Jairo Armando Cardona-Bedoya, María Claudia Campos-Pinilla, Aura Marina Pedroza-Rodriguez