Published Jan 1, 2011


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Jaime De La Ossa V

Alejandro De La Ossa-Lacayo



Objective. Population assessment of Milvago chimachima (Falconidae), commonly known in Spanish as pigua, is a raptor species occurring in the urban area of Sincelejo, department of Sucre, Colombia. Materials and methods. Population density was calculated using a line transect. Knowledge on feeding and reproductive behavior was based on fixed-point observations. The home range of the species in the study area was estimated using parallel line transects after marking three individuals. Results. The obtained density was 4.9 individuals/Km2 and the home range was between 1.43 and 1.88 Km2/individual. Conclusions. The availability of preys like rats and mice, as well as carrion and organic waste of the city can influence the presence of the bird, although its density is comparatively low.

Key words: abundance, Colombia, density, home range, Milvago chimachima, Sincelejo, urban area.

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De La Ossa V, J., & De La Ossa-Lacayo, A. (2011). Aspects of the population density and natural history of Milvago chimachima (AVES: Falconidae) in the urban area of Sincelejo (Sucre, Colombia). Universitas Scientiarum, 16(1), 63–69.
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