Published Jun 1, 2012


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Urley Adrian Pérez-Moncada

María Margarita Ramírez-Gómez

Víctor Manuel Núñez-Zarante

Marcela Franco-Correa

Gabriel Roveda-Hoyos



Objective. Obtain an in vitro mycorrhization system in autotrophic culture systems of blackberry plants (Rubus glaucus, Benth). Materials and methods. We used spores and root fragments with vesicles of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus (AMF) Glomus sp (GEV02). We established an autotrophic culture system of blackberry plantlets comparing two methods of direct inoculation of the AMF. We measured the number of spores produced, the length of the extraradical mycelium as well as the percentage of colonization of the AMF. Additionally, we measured the shoot and root length, and the fresh and dry weight of the leaf and root parts to determine the plant development. Results. The autotrophic culture system was successful for blackberry plants (Rubus glaucus, Benth; an optimal shoot and root growth was observed. Additionally, we obtained a system that allowed the development of Glomus sp. in in vitro conditions, with the formation of structures typical of the symbiosis as well as a good intraradical colonization, with the production of arbuscules and vesicles, development of extraradical mycelium with branched hyphae, and formation of new spores. Conclusion. For the first time, micropropagated blackberry plants associated successfully with an AMF under in vitro conditions, enabling the development of the symbiotic system AMF Glomus sp. associated to roots of micropropagated blackberry plantlets.
Key words: arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), autotrophic culture, Rubus glaucus Benth, Glomus sp. (GEV02), in vitro mycorrhization.

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Pérez-Moncada, U. A., Ramírez-Gómez, M. M., Núñez-Zarante, V. M., Franco-Correa, M., & Roveda-Hoyos, G. (2012). Evaluación de un sistema para la micorrización in vitro en plantas de mora de castilla (Rubus glaucus, Benth). Universitas Scientiarum, 17(2), 140–151.
Biología / Biology / Biologia

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