Published Nov 3, 2012


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Julián Camilo García

María Paula Castellanos

Ángela Uscátegui

Jorge Fernández

Aura Marina Pedroza

Carlos Enrique Daza


To study the removal of dyes:reactive black 5 and crystal violet by the Fenton reaction using Fe2O3-catalysts (0-10% m/m of Fe) supported on activated carbon obtained from rose remnants. The activated carbon was obtained from pyrolysis at 500 °C (1h) followed by activation with NaOH (1:2 wt.). The support was classified using several chemical and physical techniques. Fe-catalysts were synthesized by incipient impregnation. Fenton and adsorption treatments were performed in a batch reactor, concentration of dye of 10 mgL-1, 0.25 mgmL-1 catalyst, pH = 3.7, 20 ± 2 ° C, 750 rpm and atmospheric pressure. The activated carbon used as support showed high basicity, presence of polar groups on the surface, high ash content (22.85%) and oxygen (43.93%) and was mostly of the microporous type with a BET surface area of 520 m2g-1. The maximum discoloration achieved for black reactive 5 was obtained with the catalyst of 3% Fe (98.33%) after 180 min. while for the crystal violet it was  obtained with the catalyst of 1% Fe (63.95%) after 180 min. Discoloration by Fenton treatment is dependent on the Fe content, the particle size of the active site and the type of dye. The removal of reactive black 5  reached a maximum at 3% Fe while the crystal violet decreased by  increasing Fe content. The treatment proposed in this paper is promising for the removal of synthetic dyes present in contaminated water.

Fenton, activated carbon, contaminant, dye, waterFenton, activated carbon, contaminant, dye, water

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García, J. C., Castellanos, M. P., Uscátegui, Ángela, Fernández, J., Pedroza, A. M., & Daza, C. E. (2012). Remoción de colorantes sintéticos mediante el proceso Fenton heterogéneo usando Fe2O3 soportado en carbón activado obtenido a partir de residuos de rosas. Universitas Scientiarum, 17(3), 303–314.

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