Published Jun 23, 2013


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Cristian E Susa

John H Reina



We provide a thorough analysis of the entanglement dynamics of an interacting two-qubit system in the non-Markovian regime. In such a regime, the time scale on which the reservoir degrees of freedom evolve is either of the same order of magnitude or less than that on which the system evolves. We used an exact numerical method; the Quasi-Adiabatic Path Integral (QUAPI) technique, to describe the corresponding qubit dissipative dynamics in such a non-Markovian regime. We computed the time evolution of the density operator for the quibits, from which we quantified the coherences and population dynamics, as well as the qubit-bath coupling effects. Using negativity as a metric, we calculated the dynamics of non-local quantum correlations (entanglement), and indentified a non-Markovian quantum phenomena in terms of early stage disentanglement, and the collapse and revival of entanglement.


Qubits, quantum information, entanglement, non-Markovian decoherence, nanostructuresQubits, quantum information, entanglement, non-Markovian decoherence, nanostructures.

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Susa, C. E., & Reina, J. H. (2013). Coherencia y entrelazamiento en dinámica no Markoviana de qubits. Universitas Scientiarum, 18(2), 141-152.
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