Published Oct 31, 2013

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Carlos E. Vasco U.


This paper starts with an atternpt to locate episternology arnong philosophicaldisciplines, and to show its potential relation to pedagogy. After that,the author begins to review sorne of the rnain concepts which have beencast by those philosophers who have contributed rnost to progress inepisternology, with brief suggestions about the possible contributions ofthose concepts to advances in the pedagogy of Mathernatics and Science.The following authors and topics are briefly discussed: Kant and synthesis"a priori"; Piaget and genetic episternology; Bachelard and episternologicalobstacles; Popper and falseability ofhypotheses; Kuhn and scientific revolutions;Lakatos and scientific research prograrnrnes, and fmally, Haber masand cornrnunicative action.
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