Published Apr 28, 2014


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Heiddy P. Quiroz

Jorge A. Calderón

A. Dussan


We fabricated quaternary compound, Cu2ZnSnSe4, films by co-evaporation of copper, tin and zinc selenide precursors in a selenium atmosphere and deposited the samples on soda-lime glass substrates. From the x-ray diffraction data, we established that the phase that characterizes the compound is sensitive to changes in the synthesis parameters and affects the structure of the material. Through a comparison of stannite and kesterite structures associated with Cu2ZnSnSe4 growth, we detailed structural properties such as interplanar distance, crystal planes, crystallite size and the atomic position of the elements of the compound. A comparative analysis of the structures revealed that the stannite is the crystallizing material. Using the Rietveld method and software we were able to simulate the stannite structure establishing subtle differences with the kesterite structure.

Structural properties, x-rays, kesterite, stannite, quaternary compounds.

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Quiroz, H. P., Calderón, J. A., & Dussan, A. (2014). Estructura cristalina del compuesto Cu2ZnSnSe4 depositado por co-evaporación: análisis comparativo estannita-kesterita. Universitas Scientiarum, 19(2), 115–121.
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