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Our journal's main objective is to serve as a medium for the diffusion and divulgation of the articles and investigations in the engineering scientific and investigative fields. All the documents presented as result of an investigation will be received, as well as any review about engineering, this includes essays that might contribute to the academic and scientific discussion of any of the branches of engineering. Any contribution in the subject related to engineering development, ethics, values, or its relations with policies, culture, society and environmental fields are welcome.

This is a biannual publication.

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Vol 20, No 2 (2016): July - december 2016

Table of Contents


Industrial and systems engineering

Adriana Marcela Vega Escobar, Francisco Santamaria Piedrahita, Edwin Rivas Trujillo
Christian Mogollón, Sergio A. Rojas-Galeano
Oscar González, Gilberto Pedraza Garcia, Dario Correal, Guillermo Beltrán
Hugo Arboleda, Andrés Paz, Miguel Jiménez, Gabriel Tamura
José Joaquín Bocanegra García, Jaime Andrés Pavlich Mariscal, Angela Cristina Carrillo Ramos

Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering

Adriana María Mesa Gómez, Manuel Fernando Valero Valdivieso, Manuel Figueredo Medina

Civil and environmental engineering

Lisandro Nuñez Galeano, Juan Diego Giraldo-Osorio

Electrical and computer engineering

John Edinson Archila Valderrama, Maria Alejandra Mantilla Villalobos, Jaime Guillermo Barrero, Johann Farith Petit Suárez, Gabriel Ordoñez Plata
Óscar Javier Espitia Mendoza, Yuri Mejía Melgarejo, Henry Arguello Fuentes