Publication ethics and malpractice statement

This journal follows the international standards published by the Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE). It also bases on the Guidelines to best practice for editors of scientific journals and the Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (PERK) developed by the editorial group Elsevier, in order to guarantee transparency in the publication of the contributions as well as in the procedures of resolution of associated conflicts.

The editorial team of Ingeniería y Universidad: Engineering for Development will assure that all parties (editors, peer reviewers, and authors) follow fully the ethics rules of all the editorial process.


In order to avoid an improper conduct in research:

 • Fraud in research

 • Improper experimentation with or in animals or humans 


In order to avoid serious professional ethics misconduct:

 • Plagiarism

 • Simultaneous submissions, duplicate publications

 • Conflict of interests 

 • Authorship disputes

 • Fragmentation  


Peers reviewers
 • To declare conflicts of interests or disabilities

 • To adhere strictly to the assessment process policies of the journal

 • To respond to the requests and to send the assessments on time

 • To make a methodical and rigorous assessment, as it's hope, since the expertise level of the peer reviewer

 • To respect the confidentiality of the information linked to the editorial process

To know more details about the guidelines to peer reviewers, please consult this link.


• To guarantee the transparency of the contributions and processes of assessment and publication

• To guarantee the objective interlocution and the confidentiality of the editorial process involved parties

• To respond swiftly and respectfully to the inquiries and notifications

• To guarantee the fulfillment of the international rules of ethics of research and publications in all the scientific and editorial processes related to the journal

You can access the Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for journal editors developed by COPE here.