ISSN: 2011-2769 (Online) | ISSN: 0123-2126 (Print)

Our journal's main objective is to serve as a medium for the diffusion and divulgation of the articles and investigations in the engineering scientific and investigative fields. All the documents presented as result of an investigation will be received, as well as any review about engineering, this includes essays that might contribute to the academic and scientific discussion of any of the branches of engineering. Any contribution to the subject related to engineering development, ethics, values, or its relations with policies, culture, society and environmental fields are welcome. The publication frequency is continuous.

Industrial and systems engineering

Operational supply chain risk identification and prioritization from SCOR model

Jenifer Ramos Ríos, Diego Fernando Manotas Duque, Juan Carlos Osorio Gómez

GALILEO: A Georeferenced System proposed for Emergency Services’ Population Control

Andrés Felipe Cruz-Rodríguez, Sebastián Ospina-Gómez, Pedro Guillermo Feijóo-García

Electrical and computer engineering

A 0.58 mm2 CMOS reconfigurable sigma delta ADC for mobile WiMAX receiver

Jihene Mallek, Houda Daoud, Rahma Aloulou, Hassene Mnif, Mourad Loulou

Privacy perception in location-based services for mobile devices in the university community of the north coast of Colombia

Margarita Gamarra, Ines Meriño Fuentes, Juan Calabria Sarmiento, Omar Gutierrez Acosta, Mauricio Barrios Barrios, Nallig Leal, Pedro Mario Wightman Rojas