Jimmy Matiz Cuervo


Background: In the last 15 years, robotics has started to be used in the field of complete denture prosthodontics through the development of clinical and laboratory techniques to elaborate dentures. Purpose: To rehabilitate an edentulous patient with an innovative technique using robotics and industrialized acrylics. Description of the case: Prosthodontic treatment of a completely edentulous patient was performed using computer-assisted design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM) technology. Results: Digital impressions and industrial acrylics, as well as scanner, software, and dental milling machine. The case was successful regarding stability, retention, and support of the treatment carried out.



CAD-CAM, complete denture, complete denture prosthesis, complete denture prosthodontics, computer-assisted design and manufacturing, dental prototype, dentures, denture design, digital complete denture, dental materials, new technologies, oral rehabilitation, prosthodontics

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