Published Mar 16, 2011


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Franky Bedoya-Lora, BSc

Jorge Calderón-Gutiérrez, PhD

Ángela Bermúdez-Castañeda, BSc

Juan Castaño-Gonzalez, PhD

Félix Echeverría-Echeverría, PhD

Juan Maya-Montoya, BSc



Accelerated tests together with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) analysis, are powerful tools to follow up the degradation process of organic coatings under controlled conditions in relatively short periods of time. This work presents a review of the most common accelerated methods, coupled with EIS measurements and applied to organic coatings on galvanized steel under simulated atmospheric environments.


Impedance spectroscopy, galvanized steel, protective converingsEspectroscopia de impedancia, acero galvanizado, cubiertas protectoras

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