Published Mar 16, 2011


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Mario Ríos-Mesías, PhD

Gustavo Ramos-López, PhD

Gabriel García-Mora, BSc



This paper presents the typical characteristics in a massive electric traction transportation system using trams, such as size, weight and passenger capacity. It also describes the characteristics of the electric supply, like AC or DC, and the connection means to the medium voltage electric power distribution system like, for example, rectifier substations. Finally, it presents a number of examples of cities where this transportation system is used.


Electric substations, electric power distribution, electric driving, streetrailroadsSubestaciones eléctricas, distribución de energía eléctrica, tranvías

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Ríos-Mesías, M., Ramos-López, G., & García-Mora, G. (2011). Characteristics of a tram-based massive electric transportation system. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 15(1), 91–104.