Published Mar 16, 2012


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Jhon Jairo Olaya-Florez, PhD

Magda Marcela Torres-Luque, MSc



We have studied the electrochemical corrosion behavior of epoxy paint coatings through the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy technique. In order to determine the protection and failure mechanisms of these coatings, we correlated the polarization resistance in the immersion time function and in the morphology. In order to do this, we characterized the microstructure of the coatings by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray infrared spectroscopy. The coatings show degradation during the immersion time due to defects in their microstructure; however, the protective and failure mechanisms depend on the immersion time. These details are discussed in this research


Corrosion and anti-corrosives, protective coatings, scanning electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopyCorrosión y anticorrosivos, revestimientos protectores, microscopía electrónica de barrido, espectroscopía de infrarrojos

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