Andres Felipe Duque Correa

María Gulnara Baldoquín de la Peña


Introduction: this work proposes a model, and two heuristic algorithms to assign customers to trucks and visiting days, as a first phase in the solution of a real-world routing problem, which is closely related to the Periodic vehicle routing problem, but a strategic decision of the company imposes the additional constraint that every customer must always be visited by the same truck. Methods: The proposed model aims to group the customers that are visited the same day by the same truck as close as possible. The first proposed heuristic has a constructive stage, and five underlying improvement heuristic, the second one uses an exact linear programming algorithm. Results: The algorithms are evaluated by instances taken from the literature and generated, taking into account the characteristics presented in the real-world case addressed.



Heuristics, logistics, clustering, allocation, periodic routing

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Duque Correa, A., & Baldoquín de la Peña, M. (2018). Solving the assignment of customers to trucks and visiting days in a periodic routing real-world case. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 22(1), 53 - 76. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu22-1.sact
Industrial and systems engineering
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