César Augusto Peña Cortés

Oscar Eduardo Gualdron

Gonzalo Guillermo Moreno Contreras


This research proposes a Bruxism rehabilitation systemdesigned to achieve recovery without the need of mouthdevices which tend to be annoying to patients. The systemis based on the capture of neural signals by detecting brainactivity related to Bruxism processes. For the detectionof these events, we used an easy access, commercial, lowpriceBrain Computer Interface (BCI). The rehabilitationsystem generates an alert sound that prevents the patients’teeth to wear down during the hours of sleep withoutawakening them.



Bruxism, neuroscience, brain computer interface (BCI), brain control interface (BCI), instrumentation

How to Cite
Peña Cortés, C., Gualdron, O., & Moreno Contreras, G. (2014). Warning and Rehabilitation System Using Brain Computer Interface (BCI) in Cases of Bruxism. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 18(1), 177 - 194. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu18-1.wrsu
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