Published Jun 7, 2012


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Diego Fernando Navas, MSc

Héctor Cadavid-Ramírez, PhD

Diego Fernando Echeverry-Ibarra, PhD



Since the early 1990s, dielectric fluids have been developed from plants. The use of plants has the main advantage of improving the limitations of petroleum oils. Plant fluids are highly biodegradable and have a high flash point; but their high cost and their not-very-wide in-service evaluation (performance), because of its relatively short time of use, have limited their application. This study reviews the state of the art of dielectric oils of plant origin to be used in transformers, including an overview of their evolution from their origin until today.


Dispositivos dieléctricos, dieléctricos, aceites para aisladores eléctricos, transformadores eléctricosDielectric devices, dielectrics, electric insulators and insulation oils, electric transformers

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