Published May 30, 2014


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Juan Pablo Hoyos-Sánchez, MSc

Pablo Emilio Jojoa-Gómez, PhD



This article presents the results of extensive simulationabout the multiuser transmission technique, namedWavelet Packet Division Multiplexing (WPDM). Its advantagesare the capability of multiple signals transmission,in a flexible and robust form. The signals of the multiusers are coded by bases functions of the wavelet packet(WP) family. The performance evaluation of the WPDMmultiplexing was conducted over three conditions on thetransmission channel: AWGN noise, Flat fading Rayleighand frequency-selective fading.


Multiuser communications, multiplexing, Wavelet Packet, WPDM, fading, Rayleigh, TelecomunicationComunicaciones multiusuario, multiplexación, paquetes wavelet, WPDM, AWGN, Telecomunicaciones, desvanecimiento, Rayleigh.

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