Published Nov 20, 2014


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Omar Dario Hernandez, Esp

John Antonio Quiroz, BSc

Paula Andrea Ortiz-Valencia, BSc



This paper presents the model of the combustion process of a clinker kiln, which is obtained from an energy balance represented in the heat generated by burning coal and how this is distributed across the process. Data comes from the actual process variables, obtained from the control system using OLE Process Control, which operate with experimental data and variables that are assumed to be constant. The resulting model is fitted with two tools: least squares and filter Infinite Impulse Response of first order. It validates and verifies the model and its settings using two statistical tools: box and whisker diagram and method of eight statistical metrics related by a fuzzy function. The use of these tools evidence satisfactory performance of the proposed model.


Horno rotatorio, balance de energía, mínimos cuadrados, filtros IIR, clinkerKiln, energy balance, least squares, IIR filters, clinker

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Hernandez, O. D., Quiroz, J. A., & Ortiz-Valencia, P. A. (2014). Combustion system model of a wet process clinker Kiln. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 18(2), 329 - 354.