Diego Fernando Rueda Pepinosa

Zoila Inés Ramos Rodríguz


This paper presents results about traffic simulation of mobile IPTV service in a LTE network model. The model is generated from a functional architecture for delivery of IPTV service over this technology. For the simulation is proposed a scenario where resources of network are shared between mobile services and applications: voice, video and data, each are assigned the necessary configuration of quality of service (QoS) parameters for satisfy their requirements of quality of service. In this scenario is evaluated the behavior of main performance parameters (delay, packet loss ratio, and throughput) against variations in the number of mobile terminals connect to the network, different levels of users mobility and configuration of well know scheduling algorithms of LTE network. As a main result the algorithm that gives the best behavior of the performance parameters for IPTV traffic is presented.



Quality of Service (QoS), LTE network, mobile IPTV

How to Cite
Rueda Pepinosa, D., & Ramos Rodríguz, Z. (2014). Performance Evaluation of LTE Network for IPTV Service Delivery. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 18(2), 393 - 418. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.IYU18-2.edrl
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