Published Oct 27, 2010


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Indira Rocío Duarte-López, BSc

José Nelson Pérez-Castillo, MSc



Managing massive data storage repositories is one of the most important problems to solve in virtual research environments, where the complexity of handling large volumes of data involves providing a high degree of control to ensure that data are located properly and are permanently available for processing. This paper discusses the innovative creation of a massive storage system at a highperformance computer center, which uses the advantages of hierarchical storage for an efficient management of information and a proper utilization of available storage resources. Research results seek to meet the needs of researchers who need to store files resulting from tasks performed on distributed resources, without a concern about technical details of the storage technologies used.


Computación distribuida (sistemas para computador), administración de redes de computadores, entornos virtuales compartidosComputational grids (computer systems), computer networks – management, shared virtual environments

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