Published Oct 27, 2010


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José Danilo Rairán-Antolines, MSc

Cindy Estéfany Guerrero-Cifuentes

Jaime Alfredo Mateus-Pineda



The performance of PID and fuzzy controllers is compared in a commercial device normally used in model airplanes: the S3004 Futaba Servo. The controller circuit, the power amplifier and the sensor are modified, and then the motor is observed. Next, a root-locus method is used to tune a PID for angular position control. Simulations and control are made in Matlab’s Simulink, and also a data acquisition card (PCI 6024E) is used. Results are analyzed at the end of the document: although the PID controller works better, the fuzzy controller shows a similar performance.


PID controllers, intelligent control, servomechanismsControlador PID, control difuso, servomecanismos

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Rairán-Antolines, J. D., Guerrero-Cifuentes, C. E., & Mateus-Pineda, J. A. (2010). PID and fuzzy controller design for DC motor positioning. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 14(1).

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