Publicado Aug 24, 2013

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Makilim Nunes Baptista

Adriana Munhoz Carneiro

Hugo Ferrari Cardoso


This study aimed to verify the relationship between depression, hopelessness and family support. to this aim, were applied the Escala Baptista de Depressão-Adulto EBADEP- A, The Beck Hopelessness Scale –BHS, Inventário de Percepção de Suporte Familiar- IPSF and a sociodemographic questionnaire on a sample of 198 undergraduate of Pharmacy and Psychology courses of a particular university at São Paulo state (Brazil) with mean age of 23.44 years (SD = 6.8), and with a prevalence of women (80.7%). Results showed significant and positive correlations between EBADEP- A and BHS and significant and negative correlations between EBADEP- A/ BHS and IPSF, indicating that the higher perception of family support the fewer depressive symptoms and hopelessness, agreeing with literature.

Depressive symptoms, hopelessness, family, psychological assessment.Síntomas depresivos, desesperanza, familia, evaluación psicológica.

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Nunes Baptista, M., Munhoz Carneiro, A., & Ferrari Cardoso, H. (2013). Depression, Family Support and Hopelessness: a correlated study. Universitas Psychologica, 13(2), 693–702. Recuperado a partir de