Published Dec 30, 2020


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Jefersson A. López

Robert A. Toro

Arnold R. Romero-Bohórquez

Jose H. Quintana

José A. Henao



A Na-P zeolite was synthesized and subjected to ion exchange with Ca2+, Cu2+, Al3+, and In3+, and supported with H+/NH4Cl (NH4-P) by in situ reaction of EtOH and NH4Cl. All the exchanged zeolites showed catalytic activity in the ABB’ Povarov reaction. However, zeolite NH4-P promoted a better yield. In all reactions two products were obtained, 2,6-dimethyl-4-(2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline and 1-(1-(4-methylphenylamino)ethyl)pyrrolidin 2-one. Synthesis using zeolite P as catalyst proves to be a simple method with high yields, short reaction times and easy preparation. The catalyst can be recovered by filtration and reused up to three times in good yields.


Tetrahydroquinolines, zeoliteP, powder diffraction, Povarov reaction

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López, J. A., Toro, R. A., Romero-Bohórquez, A. R., Quintana, J. H., & Henao, J. A. (2020). Synthesis of zeolites P and evaluation of their activity as new and reusable heterogeneous catalysts in a three-component ABB’ Povarov model reaction. Universitas Scientiarum, 25(3), 385–407.

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