Biodiversidad / Biodiversity / Biodiversidade

Medium and large-sized mammals in dry forests of the Colombian Caribbean

Simón Pineda-Cendales, Elkin Hernández-Rolong, Juan E. Carvajal-Cogollo

Química / Chemistry / Química

Synthesis of zeolites P and evaluation of their activity as new and reusable heterogeneous catalysts in a three-component ABB’ Povarov model reaction

Jefersson A. López, Robert A. Toro, Arnold R. Romero-Bohórquez, Jose H. Quintana, José A. Henao

Matemáticas y Estadística / Mathematics and Statistics / Matemática e Estatística

Microbiología / Microbiology / Microbiologia

Biología Vegetal / Plant Biology / Biologia Vegetal

Diurnal physiological behavior of seedlings in the Amazon rainforest: generalist versus specialist species of shade and sun

Carolina Ramos-Montaño, Leidy Johana Vanegas-Cano, Nancy Milena Cárdenas-Avella, Karen Lizeth Pulido-Herrera, Sindy Paola Buitrago-Puentes

Ecología / Ecology / Ecologia

Seed bank responses after clearcutting Pinus patula plantations in Andean high montane areas

Sofía Basto, Lilia Roa-Fuentes, Ana Carolina Moreno, José Ignacio Barrera-Cataño

Microbiología Clínica / Clinical Microbiology / Microbiologia Clinica

Biofilm and persister cell fomation variability in clinical isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae in Colombia

Leonardo Posada, Ivan C. Acosta, Lina Zárate, Paula Rodríguez, Mónica Gabriela Huertas, María Mercedes Zambrano