Published Dec 12, 2022


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Riham Hegazy

Gouda Mohammad

Magdy Ibrahim Mohamed



Calibration laboratories often face the challenge of the impossibility to perform full capacity range calibration of their force transducers, particularly below 10 % of the force transducer’s capacity. Sometimes these laboratories use curve fitting extrapolation to estimate and predict force transducer behavior within uncalibrated capacity ranges. This work deals with the study of extrapolation errors in force transducers to know and estimate prediction accuracies when using extrapolation for force transducer calibration in ranges below 10 % and between 50 % and 100 % of the transducer’s capacity. The results of this study showed that the magnitude of the extrapolation error is very close to the magnitude of the reproducibility error within calibrated capacity ranges in the laboratory.


force transducer, calibration range, extrapolation error, accuracy, uncertainty

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Hegazy, R., Mohammad, G., & Mohamed, M. I. (2022). Extrapolation errors of force transducer curve fitting equations. Universitas Scientiarum, 27(3), 315–331.
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