Published Jul 1, 2003

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N. M. Ghasem

M. A. Hussain

I. M. Mujtaba


In this paper, the simulink block diagram is used to solve a model consists of a set of ordinary differential and algebraic equations to control the temperature inside a simple stirred tank heater. The flexibility of simulink block diagram gives students a better understanding of the control systems. The simulink alsoallows solution of mathematical models and easy visualization of the system variables. A polyethylene fluidized bed reactor is considered as an industrial example and the effect of the Proportional, Integral and Derivative control policy is presented for comparison.

Simulink, block diagram, control systems, mathematical models

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Ghasem, N. M., Hussain, M. A., & Mujtaba, I. M. (2003). THE USE OF SIMULINK BLOCK DIAGRAM TO SOLVE MATHEMATICAL MODELS AND CONTROL EQUATIONS. Universitas Scientiarum, 8(2), 43–50. Retrieved from
Matemáticas y Estadística / Mathematics and Statistics / Matemática e Estatística

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