Published Jul 1, 2003

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Eliseo Amado González

Luis Hernando Blanco



Binary liquid-solid diagram compound formation in mixtures of carbon tetrachloride-dioxane and dioxinchloroform with metastable melting-points is shown. A compound formation is observed in the mixture carbon tetra chloride-dioxane at 33 mol % dioxane. The results are analyzed and compared with literature data. This experiment introduces the student to handle low temperatures in a simple experiment set up.

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González, E. A., & Blanco, L. H. (2003). DIAGRAMAS BINARIOS SÓLIDO-LÍQUIDO MOSTRANDO LA FORMACIÓN DE COMPUESTOS EN UNA MEZCLA DE SOLVENTES POLARES. Universitas Scientiarum, 8(2), 51–54. Retrieved from
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