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Anayervid Rodríguez Sáenz

Orlando Acosta Losada

José Peñaranda


Using an ELISA test, camation mottle virus (CarMV) was found to infect 82% of the camation samples collected from the Sabana of Bogotá. The isolated virus was mechanically inoculated on virus-free carnation plants and purified by sucrose gradient centrifugation. CarMV coat protein was analized by SDS-PAGE showing a single component of about 38 Kda. Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) extracted from carnation infected tissue showed 3 to 5 electrophoretic components ranging between 8.0 and 0.9 Kbp. Virus particles contained a genomic RNA of about 4.0 Kbp as revealed by agarosa gel electrophoresis. It was posible to distinguished 2 groups of electrophoretic pattems using RNAse T1 digestion of the RNA contained in the CarMV purified particles.
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Rodríguez Sáenz, A., Acosta Losada, O., & Peñaranda, J. (2013). CARACTERIZACIÓN MOLECULAR PARCIAL DEL VIRUS DEL MOTEADO DEL CLAVEL (CarMV) PRESENTE EN LA SABANA DE BOGOTÁ. Universitas Scientiarum, 5(1), 7–17. Retrieved from