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Iván Castro Chadid

Jesús Hernández Pérez


Contrary to common belief, the Middle Age was not a Jost period for the development of the mathematicalknowledge. In this article are presented two of the most importan! contributions of the medieval mathematicians.They are the positional notation with their associate algorithms and the emergence of the non-geometrical methodsfor the solution of equations. The positional notation permitted the universalization of the calculation proceduresand the non-geometrical methods freed us from the geometric finitism to the Euclidian work.
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Castro Chadid, I., & Hernández Pérez, J. (2013). LA GRAN REVOLUCIÓN ARITMÉTICA DE LA EDAD MEDIA Y EL SURGIMIENTO DEL ÁLGEBRA. Universitas Scientiarum, 7(2), 7–15. Retrieved from
Mathematics and Statistics

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