Published Jan 10, 2004

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María Victoria Vargas

Sofía Isabel Basto


In this paper, several teaching experiences for understanding the structure and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells are described. These experiences were carried out in courses for ecology students. Applying the Seminar model, it’s important to use the traverse axes, to confront preconcepts, the employment of “mentefacts” (mindframes) and conceptual maps; as the ones proposed by the constructivism and the conceptual pedagogy, which contribute to the motivation and articulation of conceptual structures. The workshops and the type of evaluation enforce the  construction of social interaction, cooperative learning, and a better  understanding of the thinking strategies. The laboratory work and   undergraduate research allow the application of cellular Biology concepts in the analysis of environmental problems.
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Vargas, M. V., & Basto, S. I. (2004). EXPERIENCIAS PARA LA COMPRENSIÓN DE LA BIOLOGÍA CELULAR (ESTUDIO DE CASO). Universitas Scientiarum, 9(1), 69–77. Retrieved from
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