Published Mar 10, 2005

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Muhamad Hugerat

Salman Elyian

Rina Zadik


The story is a good way to teach children different subjects and explain phenomena in kindergarten. The science story teaches the pupil scientific phenomena in an indirect way. Phenomenology is another way to learn about similarities among various materials without using the senses of taste or smell. The focus concentrates on the scientific method. Here, the scientific idea is that not all materials with similar external characteristics are the same. Therefore, the child must be careful. The role of the science story today introduces a new and pioneering method in teaching some aspects of scientific knowledge, such as facts and concepts, using stories to attract children and lead them to reason logically.

Science story, scientific phenomena, teaching

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Hugerat, M., Elyian, S., & Zadik, R. (2005). NEW PROSPECTS FOR TEACHING SCIENCE IN KINDERGARTEN. THE SCIENCE STORY CASE. Universitas Scientiarum, 10, 69–77. Retrieved from
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