Published Mar 10, 2004

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Hugo Diez Ortega

Manuel Carlos López

Maricarmen Thomas

Concepción Puerta Bula


The kinetoplastid membrane protein KMP-11 is a 11kDa glycoprotein, is present on the surface of all stages of parasites life cycle, but is expressed  at higher levels in vector insect stages. The characteristics presented by this protein, such as its remarkably high degree of sequence homology  among kinetoplastids, its association to the membrane, as well as to the cytoskeleton and the flagellum, and its immunological reactivity make this protein a potential target for developing chemotherapy or immunotherapy strategies against the diseases caused by these parasites. In this context, here we present the results of the KMP-11 genes study from Trypanosoma rangeli.
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Diez Ortega, H., López, M. C., Thomas, M., & Puerta Bula, C. (2004). KMP-11: proteína 11 de Membrana de Kinetoplástidos. Universitas Scientiarum, 9, 29–44. Retrieved from
Microbiología Clínica / Clinical Microbiology / Microbiologia Clinica

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