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Eduardo Guerrero Forero

Elizabeth Hodson de JaramilJo


The presen t work in ten ted to loo k for a better un derstan ding ofthe mycorrl1izal association found in Decussocarpus rospigliosii (Pilger) De Laubenfels, which is anative coniferoftheAndean mountains and hasgreatecological and economic importan ce. The presence ofa endomycorrhizal association was conñrmed. The results obtained Jed to assume that this is a highly mycotrophic species with an early mycorrhizal infection. Six possible endosimbionts ofthe ENDOGONACEAE family belonging to the genus Acaulospora and Glomus, were found.
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Guerrero Forero, E., & Hodson de JaramilJo, E. (2013). MICORRIZAS EN Decussocarpus rospigliossi (Pilger) De Laubenfels, UNA PODOCARPACEA DEL BOSQUE ANDIN0. Universitas Scientiarum, 1(2), 53–66. Retrieved from
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