Published Aug 1, 2014


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Javier A. Montenegro

Alberto Acosta

James D. Reimer


HaviStat© v2.2 is available in Spanish and English. In this version reported errors and recommendations from v1.0 were fixed and implemented. HaviStat© allows users to perform the necessary mathematical, statistical and graphical procedures required to preliminarily infer use, selection, and preference for habitat/resources, and to estimate the niche breadth of species. In this new version radial diagrams, 22 indexes and 3 confidence intervals for animal preference evaluation, and 8 indexes for niche breadth estimation are available.

habitat, preference, HaviStat©, indexes, confidence intervals.

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Montenegro, J. A., Acosta, A., & Reimer, J. D. (2014). HaviStat© v2.2: Application to estimate preference for habitat and resources. Universitas Scientiarum, 19(3), 333–337.
Historia natural / Natural history / História natural

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