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Universitas Scientiarum is an Open Access, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed Journal. We published original interdisciplinary contributions from all fields of exact and natural sciences. Special emphasis is given to articles, reviews, and method articles which promote understanding to solve environmental and health problems within the Latin-American context. Aspects of particular interest include: mathematics; biological sciences; physics; chemistry; ecology; agriculture; environmental science; biochemistry & molecular biology; microbiology; immunology; genetics & heredity; health science; nutrition & dietetics; computer science & interdisciplinary applications.


Irrespective of the area, preferences will be given to original contributing to the advancement of growing research areas and the solution of present day human problems in the Tropics. These emphases are not covered by any other multidisciplinary journal in Latin-America.

Universitas Scientiarum (Univ. Sci.) (ISSN 0122-7483 printed version; ISSN 2027-1352 online version) was founded in 1987 by the Faculty of Science of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia.  The journal accepts manuscripts in English, Spanish and Portuguese, although English is encouraged.


Química / Chemistry / Química

Bioquímica / Biochemistry / Bioquímica

Direct large-volume injection analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water

Ainhoa Rubio-Clemente, Edwin L Chica, Gustavo A Peñuela


Física / Physics / Física

Mass of Spiral Galaxies by Means of a Maximum Disc Model

Jerson Ivan Reina-Medrano, Framsol López-Suspes, Guillermo A González


Limnología, Zoología, Botánica / Limnology, Zoology, Botany / Limnology, Zoology, Botany

Abundance and diversity of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) in rivers of the Andean Eastern Hills of Bogotá (Colombia),

Alexandra Buitrago-Guacaneme, Aura Sotelo-Londoño, Gabriel A. Pinilla-Agudelo, Alexander García-García, Ligia I Moncada, Peter H Adler


Matemáticas y Estadística / Mathematics and Statistics / Matemática e Estatística

Swimming in Curved Surfaces and Gauss Curvature

Leonardo Solanilla, William O Clavijo, Yessica P Velasco


Química Analítica / Analytic Chemistry / Química Analítica

Synthesis, characterization and theoretical calculations of Cu(I) complex of trithiocyanuric acid [Cu(ttc)3]

Ximena Verónica Jaramillo-Fierro, César Zambrano, Francisco Fernández, Regino Saenz-Puche, César Costa, Victor Guerrero, Silvia González