Some Perceptions of Master’s Degree Students on the Comments (remarks) of their Thesis Directors

Emilce Moreno Mosquera, Ligia Ochoa Sierra


In the writing of the thesis, the comments and reviews given and received to test the hypothesis of the student throughout its elaboration take on a special meaning. Indeed, this article analyzes the students’ perceptions of the comments and the support in the review given by the thesis directors, in order to identify what kind of comments are constructive and which are not.

To achieve this objective, an exploratory method was used, using as procedure an interview of 10 master’s degree students who were in the final stage of the preparation of their theses, as well as a survey of 10 graduates, all of them belonging to Human Sciences majors.

The analysis of the data was made based on the methodology “content analysis.” The results show that direct comments, focused on the object, not on the person, with suggestions for solution, are considered positive. On the other hand, ambiguous comments, offensive, dilated in time, and focused only on the form are perceived as unconstructive.

Palabras clave

writing comments; revision; feedback; perceptions

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