Social Representations on the Process of Reviewing the Thesis of Graduate Students in Social and Human Sciences

Emilce Moreno Mosquera, Ligia Ochoa Sierra


Writing a Master's Thesis is a complex process involving a series of sub-processes. As stated in Ochoa and Cueva (2012) defining a problem, doing the literature review, building up a theoretical framework, designing a strategy and verifying a hypothesis are highly complex processes. On the other hand, preparing a Master's Thesis involves the participation of different actors with different “functional weight”; the role of the Thesis director is crucial and decisive in its completion.

This fact has been widely documented (cf. Valarino, 1994 and 1997; Carlino, 2003; Roses, Flores and Valarino, 2006; Reisen and Carlino, 2009; Dubs, 2005; Rose, 2005; Golde 2005; Ochoa and Cueva, 2012). In the case of the support provided by the thesis director, his/her guidance during the whole research process facilitates learning. 

Palabras clave

Social Representations; Reviewing the Thesis of Graduate;Human Sciences

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