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Our journal's main objective is to serve as a medium for the diffusion and divulgation of the articles and investigations in the engineering scientific and investigative fields. All the documents presented as result of an investigation will be received, as well as any review about engineering, this includes essays that might contribute to the academic and scientific discussion of any of the branches of engineering. Any contribution to the subject related to engineering development, ethics, values, or its relations with policies, culture, society and environmental fields are welcome. The publication frequency is continue.

Industrial and systems engineering

Batch Assignment of Parallel Machines in an Automotive Safety Glass Manufacturing Facility

Felipe Mora, BSc, Rabie Nait Abdallah, PhD, Alvaro J. Lozano, MSc, Carlos Montoya, PhD, Ricardo Otero-Caicedo, MSc

Bioengineering and chemical engineering

Electrical and computer engineering

Light Duty Tracking and Sensing System Using the Adafruit web

Héctor Torres-Bustos, PhD, Macarena Valenzuela-Zubiaur, MSc, Víctor Meza-Herrera, BSc, Francis Soto-Pacheco, BSc, Víctor Escobar-Jeria, PhD

Transportation engineering

A BWS Application to Identify Factors Affecting User Preferences for Parking Choices at University Campuses

Mauricio Jose Orozco-Fontalvo, MSc, Sheila Martínez, BSc, Julián Arellana, PhD, Laura Vega, MSc

Civil and environmental engineering

Geothermal Energy in Colombia as of 2018

David Alejandro Moreno-Rendón, BSc, Jacqueline López-Sánchez, MSc, Daniela Blessent, PhD

Special Section: Health Care Engineering

Medicines Value Chain Management Level in Cuban Health System

Teresita López-Joy, PhD, Ana Julia Acevedo-Urquiaga, PhD, Martha Inés Gómez-Acosta, PhD, Adis Nubia Neira-Mugercia, MSc, José Antonio Acevedo-Suárez, PhD, Claudia Peña-García, BSc

Special Section: Wetland Systems

Performance of a Pilot Subsurface Flow Treatment Wetland System, Used for Arsenic Removal from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate, in the Municipality of Julimes, Chihuahua, Mexico

Mario Alberto Olmos-Márquez, PhD, Jesús Manuel Ochoa-Rivero, MSc, María Teresa Alarcón-Herrera, PhD, Eduardo Santellano-Estrada, PhD, José Humberto Vega-Mares, PhD, María Cecilia Valles-Alarcón, PhD

Reuse of Treated Municipal Wastewater from Constructed Wetlands for Cut Flowers Irrigation in Aeroponic Cultivation

Ismael Leonardo Vera-Puerto, PhD, Jorge Leonardo Olave-Vera, PhD, Sussy Tapia, BSc, Wladimir Antonio Chávez, MSc, Carlos Arias, PhD

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