Hermes Ariel Vacca Gámez

María Patricia León Neira

Daniel Mauricio Ruiz Valencia


In this article we present the results oflaboratory tests to evaluate the effectof the aged asphalt (short term) onthe static and dynamic performanceof asphalt mixtures type MDC-2. Thisaging is the one that occurs during theprocesses of production and constructionof the asphalt mixture. The 80-100 asphalt was aged by the RollingThin Film Oven test (RTFO); thespecimens of asphalt mixtures weremade to determine their mechanicalproperties with static and dynamictests. Mixtures made with originaland aged asphalt were tested. In agreementwith the results of the tests, thestatic behavior of both mixtures (originaland aged) is different. The stabilityof the mixture with aged asphalt hadan increase of 18% compared with theincrease in the original asphalt. Thedynamic behaviour of the two mixtureswas different for the dynamic axialmodulus tests (differences of 10,5%)and for the indirect tension resilientmodulus test (differences of 21%) forthe same frequency and temperatura.In the test of permanent deformationof the asphalt mixture to repetitiveaxial loading the mixture made withaged asphalt had a lower permanentdeformation (34%) compared withthe original mixture. The results ofthe fatigue tests for both mixtureswere similar.



Aged asphalt (RTFO), asphalt mixtures, static and dynamic laboratory tests

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Vacca Gámez, H., León Neira, M., & Ruiz Valencia, D. (2012). Evaluation of the Rolling Thin Film Oven Aging of the 80-100 Asphalt Cement in the Static and Dynamic Behavior of Asphalt Mixtures. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 16(2), 379. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu16-2.ertf