Published Oct 30, 2012


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Juan Carlos Vesga-Ferreira, MSc

Gerardo Granados-Acuña, BSc



The performance is without doubt oneof the aspects of greatest interest inthe global analysis in networks LAN,considering the effect it produces onthe end user. The performance canbe defined according to various pointsof view, allowing the incorporation ofother forms of assessment dependingon the object of interest in particular.Basically, the most common parametersfor evaluating the performance ofa network are: Throughput, use of thecanal and various measures of retardation.This article is an experimentalanalysis of behavior of the Throughputin networks LAN on Power LineCommunications (PLC), under the useof network adapters supported withstandard HomePlug 1.0.


Throughput, PLC, HomePlug, ANOVA, statistic modelThroughput, power line communications (PLC), HomePlug, análisis de varianza, modelo estadístico

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Vesga-Ferreira, J. C., & Granados-Acuña, G. (2012). Statistical model on throughput behavior of LAN networks over power line communications technology. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 16(2), 433.