Juan Pablo Ospina http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6841-9778

Jorge Eduardo Ortiz Triviño


Introduction: this study focuses on determining theconditions that guarantee scalability in a hierarchicalarchitecture based on the resources available in the differentlayers of the network. Methods: a model basedon the truncated geometric distribution that allows thecharacterization of the available resources in an ad hocnetwork was proposed. From this characterization, theconcept of growth factor j was introduced as a constantvalue that represents the appropriate relationship fromamong the available resources in two successive layersof the network to ensure scalability. The ns-3 softwarewas used to develop simulation scenarios that wereexplored to develop the estimation process of the growthfactor j in the ad hoc networks of two- and three-layerhierarchical architectures. Results: The results showedthat the growth of resources among the layers in an ad hocnetwork can be expressed in a linear model. Moreover, arelation was found between the estimated value of j andthe golden ratio as a way to inspire the design of artificialsystems based on attributes that can be found in nature.



ad hoc networks, scalability, stochastic model, Golden ratio

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Ospina, J., & Ortiz Triviño, J. (2016). Estimation of a growth factor to achieve scalable ad hoc networks. Ingenieria Y Universidad, 21(1), 49 - 70. https://doi.org/10.11144/Javeriana.iyu21-1.egfa
Industrial and systems engineering
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